RetroPi Setup

Recently the Raspberry Pi has released the Version 2 (Pi 2) and like most IT people, we just had to get our hands on the little fella!

So off we trotted, and got hold of a lovely Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, with a nice case and power supply, and I dug out an old Micro SD card to use.

Pi2 Swansea Computer Repairs

Excelent I thought. Its really pretty and can do so much!!……..Which leaves me with the question… What am I going to do with it??

After discussing it with a few other members of staff, I decided to take over the meeting room for a few hours and re live my childhood. I was going to install a Retro Pi! First things I had to get all the stuff sorted before I could start, including two cheap usb controllers and stealing the wireless mouse and keyboard from the meeting room.


Booted up my Windows Laptop and made my coffee.

Retro Pi here I come!

Step 1)

Step 2)

Step 3)

At this point you have about 20minutes to wait, so off I went and made everyone a cup of coffee. No better way to keep collegues sweet then to ply them with hot drinks while you sneak off to make a retro gaming machine.

Step 4)

Step 5) also known as: The niggley bits!

Lets reset and play!

Step 6) also known as :The Sound Issue!!AHGHGHHGHH


[code] ssh -l pi

Accept the warning
password is standard on all Pi (raspberry)
sudo nano
this will open up a config file for you to edit.

uncomment (delete the ‘#’) hdmi_drive=2

this will force it to use the HDMI cable connection.
Press Control-x
Press y
Press [enter]
sudo reboot


Power down the Pi
Yank out the sd
card and put it back into the windows machine
use Notepad and open up the config.txt file found in the /boot/ directory
delete the ‘#’
infront of the hdmi_drive=2
eject the card and put back into the pi
Power on.[/code]

SSH into a Raspberry Pi 00001-scr-015

Step 7) Try again!


You will also notice that the card contains a folder structure in “roms” to put correct games into the correct folders. Have fun! Time to relive my youth!


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