Retro Gaming with the Raspberry Pi 2


RetroPi Setup Recently the Raspberry Pi has released the Version 2 (Pi 2) and like most IT people, we just had to get our hands on the little fella! So off we trotted, and got hold of a lovely Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, with a nice case and power supply, and I dug out […]

Should I use a vacuum cleaner on a PC

Dear Swansea Computer Repairs , I’ve heard from  multiple people that it’s a bad idea to clean out the inside of my PC with a vacuum cleaner… but why? I’d like to get to the bottom of things before I accidentally destroy my computer. Sincerely, Dusty in Dunvant   Dear Dusty, It is a bad […]

Replacing Bing in Windows 10 with Google.

If you’re used to and prefer to keep using Google instead of Bing as your search engine of choice, you may be wanting to remove or to sideline Bing, the default search engine for Windows 10, from the Windows 10 search bar. Here’s how to do it : 1. Open Chrome. 2. Download “Bing2Google” from […]

Tech Tip – Keeping Your Windows Organised.

Tech Tip –  Keeping Your Windows Organised. If you’re using Windows 10 and you often need to have several Windows open and handy at once, this tip enables you to snap your windows to specific parts of the screen and keep them organised. To snap your windows where you want them: Drag the window to […]

Police Crackdown on Mobile Use

Crackdown On Mobile Use While Driving Announced By Police Police in England and Wales have announced that they will be conducting a week-long campaign that is focused on catching and cracking down on drivers who are using hand-held mobile phones while driving. As well as the obvious motive to improve safety on the roads now, […]