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September 23, 2015
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November 17, 2016

Network Cable Set-up

Recently a client of our parent company Midgard IT, purchased a new building to move their offices into. The building was bare bones inside, and we were tasked with installing the internal network for there IT set-up.

Networking Cable Job Swansea

Excellent. Time to get this moving. We had been given just a week from order to completion. So after finalising the layout with them, and working out where all the points were to go. We set up a network plan and ordered the cables….all 12 huge boxes of Cat6 cables!


Step 1)

  • Running the Cables
  • We had to run the cables over head in the false ceiling. Due to several factors we were unable to implement our usual gutter runs for the cables, and instead opted for bulk groupings.
  • Network Running Cables IT Networking Job Cables Roof Network Cable Job Swansea






Step 2)

  • Putting in the Patch Panel
  • Attaching the Cables to the Patch Panel
  • Tidying the Server room
  • Patch Panel Work Swansea Network Patch Panel Swansea

Step 3)

  • Tidy up the Cables and Patch Points.
  • With the cables running over the top, cables were run down the wall for ease of access.
  • We tidied these up and run them into the sockets.
  • Some walls we were able to run the cables inside, others we were forced to run them outside.
  • Network Cable IT Swansea Cable outside Wall Network Cable inside Wall IT Swansea


Step 4)

  • Putting on the front faces .
  • Initial Testing!
  • Plug it all in  and Final tests .
  • Face Plates IT Networking SwanseaFace Plated Network Cable IT SwanseaFinished Network Job Swansea IT



And it works! just a few days of hard labour and our IT Tec’s were able to completely wire up the network for the new building.


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