If you’re used to and prefer to keep using Google instead of Bing as your search engine of choice, you may be wanting to remove or to sideline Bing, the default search engine for Windows 10, from the Windows 10 search bar. Here’s how to do it :

1. Open Chrome.

2. Download “Bing2Google” from the Chrome App Store.

3. When you perform a Windows 10 search, Chrome will boot up and allow you to conduct your Google search. This method should also mean that you don’t lose standard Cortana or device search functions.

Removing Bing From Microsoft Edge:

1. Open Edge.

2. Go to Settings and then to Advanced Settings.

3. Under “Search in the address bar”, change the default to “Add New”.

4. Choose from the list of search engines. If there is an empty list, navigate to your browser of choice and repeat this process. This should add your search engine of choice to the list as an available provider.

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