Tech Tip – Cuppa Tea? Lock Your PC!

Tech Tip – Cuppa Tea? Lock Your PC! Okay, so it’s an “oldie” but still a “goodie”. If you work on your PC in a multiple-person environment and need to nip away from your machine to make a cup of tea, visit the loo or indeed anything that takes you out of line-of-sight, it’s often […]

Network Installation: Cables and Switches

IT Network Swansea Computer Repairs

Network Cable Set-up Recently a client of our parent company Midgard IT, purchased a new building to move their offices into. The building was bare bones inside, and we were tasked with installing the internal network for there IT set-up. Excellent. Time to get this moving. We had been given just a week from order […]

Retro Gaming with the Raspberry Pi 2


RetroPi Setup Recently the Raspberry Pi has released the Version 2 (Pi 2) and like most IT people, we just had to get our hands on the little fella! So off we trotted, and got hold of a lovely Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, with a nice case and power supply, and I dug out […]